Syria’s Bloody Civil War May Cause The Country to Break-up


It seems that Syria’s bloody Civil War that has violently ravaged the country for two years is no where near an end.

Now U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry says alternative to a negotiated political solution on Syria is a possible break up of the country.


Muhammed A. Yildrim, a post-doctoral fellow in Harvard’s Center for International Development, told that division of the country is “a viable solution” as there is a minority that are concentrated in the western side of Syria. It is important to note that Syria’s president al-Assad is of Alawite origin, meaning that he is part of a 12% minority in his own country. The division of the country would “ensure them a kind of protection” from the majority (74%) of Sunni Muslims. Perhaps al-Assad could continue to rule that partition.  Having said that, Syria is not uniformly divided.

Syria was formed right after WWI as a French mandate. It was the largest Arab state to emerge from the Ottoman empire.