Aspiring Toronto Journalist Mistaken as Prince Harry’s Stalker

Wen Qi

Recently, 36-year-old Chinese immigrant, Wen Qi in Toronto had her motives severely misinterpreted after attempting to interview and photograph Prince Harry according to the Toronto Sun.

The aspiring journalist was arrested earlier this month after trying to slither into the Greenwich Polo Club where the prince was participating in a charity match.

Qi’s identity was publicly exposed, her reputation defamed, her privacy violated. Her mugshot went viral and she was placed on a global watch list.

Yet, Qi insists simply her inexperience as a journalist and producer for a Christian webcast put her in hot water.In an interview with the Toronto Sun, she did apologize to the Royal Family, the British Embassy, and Prince Harry.

Wen Qi

Qi didn’t realize that journalists searching for a media pass must send their work for a government security check months prior to a scheduled visit to meet with Prince Harry.

The fact that she made the same mistake twice almost paints her “inexperience” excuse as a scapegoat. She traveled to South Africa in February to simultaneously complete two projects — an interview with Prince Harry and a program on African animals. Of course, she was informed that she couldn’t enter the prince’s Johannesburg event without a media pass and missed the deadline to apply for one.

After learning that Prince Harry would be coming to the US in May she tried to pursue the prince’s appearance in Washington, D.C. and was rejected once again, because she couldn’t prove permittance without the appropriate media pass.

Wen Qi

During the invitation-only Sentebale Royal Salute Polo Cupshe Qi was berated by officers and cuffed for trespassing on private property after attempting to sneak in through the adjoining woods. Security personnel perused her ID and then submitted her to local cops.

Unlucky for her, bail was decided at $1,000 — money she didn’t have. Qi’s night in the slammer jail led to an unfortunate panic attack and excursion to the hospital. The next morning, thanks to the assistance of an interpreter and a public defender, her charge was thinned down to a minor infraction and she paid a mere $50 fine.

Wen Qi

Once she returned back to Toronto, Qi was devastated to learn that she was now known as Prince Harry’s stalker.

Now, she wants the chance to apologize to Prince Harry and ask for another interview – without committing any crimes doing so.