Westboro Baptist Church: Tornado Was ‘God’s Judgment’ [VIDEO]

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After the Westboro Baptist Church first celebrated the Moore Tornado that has left dozens dead in Oklahoma, the controversial church members, who’ve made their name celebrating deaths as evidence of God’s hatred of homosexuals, have now released a video clarifying their points about the tornado.

In the video, Timothy Phelps quotes from the Letter of Jeremiah, a letter that warns followers of Christ to beware of “idolatry.” The fifth son of WBC’s patriarch Fred Phelps, Timothy goes on to state that America has become a nation of “superstitious Jews.” He also adds that he believes the WBC has been appoint to watch of a nation of “rebels against your creator.”

And of course there’s some nonsense that the tragedy is some how related to NBA star Jason Collins coming out of the closet.

Throughout the video Phelps fails to not the common conception that this letter of the Bible is considered a “satire”, or as bible scholar E.H. Gifford said about this particular section: “…there is no clear logical arrangement of the thought…”

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