Is Aaron Hernandez a Bloods Gang Member? The Signs Are There

Aaron hernandez gang

Via TMZ.

This afternoon TMZ ran an article with the above photo of former Patriots tight end and accused murderer Aaron Hernandez throwing up a gang sign and wearing all red in the style of the notorious street gang, the Bloods.

TMZ says that the photo was taken six years ago while Hernandez was still a senior at Bristol Central High School in Bristol, Connecticut.

The other photo posted in the article is a close-cropped portion of a photo taken during yesterday’s arraignment. The close up of Hernandez’s right hand clearly shows a tattoo of the word “BLOOD” above his pinky and ring finger knuckles.

Aaron hernandez bloods

Via TMZ.

However, take a look at this photograph from a CBS interview where the “BLOOD” tattoo is strangely missing from his right hand.

aaron hernandez tattoo

Is it possible that Hernandez got the “BLOOD” tattoo in between that interview and yesterday? Does that mean that his alleged murder of Odin Lloyd and the additional two murders we found out about today could have been gang motivated?

Here is the incredibly awkward CBS interview with Hernandez being asked about his tattoos:

Bloods are the largest gang in Connecticut and are prevalent in every major city in Connecticut. In Connecticut, they are a majority Hispanic gang and have a longstanding alliance with the gang the Latin Kings.

Aaron Hernandez, NFL Star, Charged With Murder of Odin LloydNFL star Aaron Hernandez has been charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd,the boyfriend of Hernandez's sister's fiancee. According to prosecutors, Hernandez shot Lloyd five times and orchestrated the entire murder. In addition he was seen on surveillance footage carrying a gun, supposedly after Lloyd had been killed. Furthermore, a shell casing matching the caliber…2013-06-27T20:51:21.000Z

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