Aaron Hernandez: A Timeline of Violence 2007-2013


Hernandez being escorted from his home in Massachusetts. (Getty Images)

Aaron Hernandez is omnipresent in the news right now for the alleged execution-style murder of Odin Lloyd. However, this is far from Hernandez’s first alleged violent encounter. The 23-year-old former star tight end has a public record that goes back over six years. His juvenile record is sealed, so we may never know how far back this trend extends.

Here are all of the known violent encounters in which Hernandez has either been suspected, linked, or charged — in chronological order:

Fall 2007: Brawl at Florida University

After just arriving at University of Florida where the 17-year-old Hernandez studied sociology and played tight end, he was arrested after a fight. According to Orlando Sentinel sports reporter Mike Bianchi, the young Hernandez was arrested for getting into a fight in front of a “local campus hangout known as The Swamp. Hernandez received a deferred prosecution.”

Fall 2007: Questioned about Shooting in Florida

Aaron Hernandez Patriots Murder Probe

At around 2:30 a.m. in September 2007, Corey Smith, 28, and Justin Glass, 19, were driving around Gainesville, Florida, when someone shot at their car. Aaron Hernandez and three of his Florida Gator teammates were questioned by the police late into the night in connection to the shooting, according to Mike Bianchi.

July 2012: Boston Double Homicide

aaron hernandez murder, aaron hernandez charges

The police have just revealed that Aaron Hernandez is possibly implicated in a double Boston homicide that took place last year. Daniel Abreu and Safrio Furtado were killed around 2 a.m. outside of a Boston nightclub on July 16, 2012. It was known that Hernandez was at the club, but in light of recent events, police have decided to reopen a probe into his involvement in the slayings.

February 2013: Alexander Bradley Shot in the Eye

aaron hernandez shoots a guys eye out

In June 2013 it surfaced that Hernandez was being sued by Alexander Bradley for allegedly shooting his eye out. According to the Bradley’s lawsuit, which you can read below, the two got into an altercation at a strip club and afterward, Hernandez pointed a gun at Bradley’s face, at which point the gun went off. Bradley was found on the street and was rushed to the hospital.

The suit was dismissed and then refiled.

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May 2013: Fight at Providence Bar

Aaron Hernandez
Hernandez is led out of the North Attleborough police station after being arrested.

In May 2013, Hernandez was involved in an altercation outside of Viva, a nightclub on the east side of Providence, Rhode Island. After 2 a.m. a Jets fan reportedly followed and taunted Hernandez for many blocks, at which point the two became engaged in an altercation.

June 2013: The Murder of Odin Lloyd

Odin Lloyd Aaron Hernandez Murder Probe Dead Body Boston Bandits.

Earlier this month, Odin Lloyd, Hernandez, and two other friends left a bar at around 2:30 a.m. It was the last time Lloyd would be seen alive. Now, Hernandez has been arrested for the murder and is imprisoned without bail while he waits for his trial.

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