BREAKING: Atlanta Airport Explosion & Bomb Threats at GA State Capitol

atlanta airport explosion ga bomb threats

An explosion in a shed at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has prompted an evacuation, according to multiple sources including Fox News.

A source on the ground in Atlanta tells us she hears helicopters overhead.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. There Are No Reported Injuries.


The explosion took place at Gate D21, but sources report that there are no recorded injuries:


Concourse D was evacuated (see photo above) and some flights were grounded for an extended period of time, but full power has recently been restored at the airport, and business has resumed as usual:


According to CNN, passengers have since returned to Concourse D and described the situation there as “normal.”

2. The Explosion Was a Mechanical Error

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Unlike the threat around the Georgia Capitol building (more on that below), this does not appear to be a motivated threat against the public. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport confirmed that the explosion was a mere mechanical error:


Concourse D was left without power and A/C after the explosion, rendering it unsuitable for those flying out of it. But as reported above, the problem was dealt with in reasonable time and the concourse is back running at normal speed.

3. There Is Also a Bomb Threat Around the Georgia State Capitol

The Judicial Building, Health building and Coverdell Legislative office building have been evacuated, reports
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A = The Judicial Building, housing the attorney general and state supreme court.
B = The Coverdell Legislative Office Building, which houses many state lawmakers and several media outlets, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
C = The “health building,” which also houses non-health agencies including (but not limited to) the Department of Education and the Georgia Building Authority.

Bomb-sniffing dogs were sent in to sweep the buildings after they were evacuated:


UPDATE – 12:16 p.m.:: Via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, law enforcement officials have issued an “all clear” for the entire area around the Capitol.

UPDATE – 11:25 a.m.: According to reporter Claire Simms, the Judicial Building has been given an “all clear” from authorites:


4. Despite Early Reports, There Was Only One Threat Near the Capitol.


At first, ostensibly since multiple buildings were being evacuated, media outlets reported that there were multiple bomb threats near the Capitol:


But those reports have since been repudiated. Per WSB-TV, a local station in Atlanta, the Public Safety Department confirmed that only one threat was issued:


5. There Was Another Airport Evacuation in Virginia Today.


Richmond Airport was evacuated at around the same time. The Richmond evacuation, unlike the one in Atlanta, was not the result of a mechanical error, but rather the result of a called-in bomb threat:


The airport was swept by authorities, who cleared its safety and re-opened it to the public:


The two airport evacuations don’t appear to be connected (since the one in Atlanta was not a bomb threat), but it’s not clear whether or not the Richmond threat was in any way related to the Georgia Capitol threat or today’s later evacuation at Princeton University.

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