Shooting at North Carolina Walmart: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Police shot and apprehended gunman this morning after a shooting spree in and around a Walmart in Greenville, North Carolina, reports WITN.

There are reportedly four victims in addition to the gunman, who was said to be dressed in black military garb, wearing a bulletproof vest and wielding a 12-gauge shotgun.

Here’s what you need to know…

walmart shooting nc

Police close in on the suspect after shooting him. (Photo via WNCT)

1. The Shooting Spree Began at a Personal Injury Law Firm

According to WJHL:

It all started just before noon at the Kellum Law Firm on Greenville Blvd. …. Witnesses tell our crews that a man with a rifle in a bullet proof vest walked up and shot an insurance adjustor who was sitting in a car.

There are also reports that the insurance adjustor was hiding behind a Geico Insurance car. This man appears the first victim of this rampage.

2. The Spree Continued Across the Street at Walmart; There Are Multiple Victims

walmart shooting nc greenville

After the law firm shooting, the gunman crossed five lanes of traffic on busy Greenville Boulevard to the Walmart parking lot.

In addition the victim shot near the law firm, there are reportedly three more victims at the Walmart, located across the street. There were conflicting reports over whether the victims were inside the store or outside.

When contacted by, Walmart rep, Dianna Gee said:

The incident occurred in our parking lot and NOT inside the store.

Greenville police have confirmed that all victims were shot outside the law-firm and outside the WalMart. reports that two men approached responding police, one telling them his daughter had been shot, the other saying his nephew had been shot. All four victims are being treated in hospital and are expected to survive.

3. Police Fired Multiple Shots at the Gunman

Responding officers reportedly engaged the gunman on Hooker Road, which runs perpendicular to Greenville Boulevard (see map above). According the the Reflector, the gunman turned his gun on police, and officers fired multiple shots in two bursts — separated by ordering the gunman not to move.

AP, however, reports police police say the gunman was shot at the entrance of the store.

Witnesses tell WITN they saw a man shot “multiple times” 50-60 feet from the front door of the Walmart.

4. The Gunman Shot ‘Indiscriminately’

In the video above, Alex Freedman, reporting for 9 On Your Side, says that the suspect is described as a “black male, dressed all in black, and wearing a bulletproof vest.” Witnesses who were in the Wal-Mart parking lot saw him shooting “indiscriminately.” reports that residents living behind the Walmart reported hearing about a dozen shots.

When police recovered a bag the man was carrying, it contained a “significant” amount of ammunition.

5. The Mayor Released a Statement Via Facebook

walmart shooting greenville nc

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