Wingwalker Jane Wicker Killed in Crash: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A renowned wingwalker and aviator, Jane Wicker, was killed today in an horrific stunt-plane crash at an air show in Dayton, Ohio. The crash is also believed to have claimed the life of her pilot who has been named as Charlie Schwenker. The tragic accident occurred on Saturday afternoon just before 1:00 p.m. EST at the Dayton Air Show. Wicker was performing her famed act as the third performer at the 39th Vectren Dayton Air Show.

Above is past footage of Wicker’s amazing act. Below is shocking footage of today’s crash.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Wicker’s Plane Was Flying Low to the Ground When the Crash Happened



Witnesses have reported that the plane’s wing “clipped” the ground. Wicker was atop a 450 HP Stearman named Aurora when this horrific accident occurred.

Jane Wicker plane crash Dayton Ohio Dayton airshow wingwalker.

Lt. Mark Nichols told WHIO:

My understanding is there was nothing (emergency responders) could do for the victims of the crash.

Director of Aviation for the city of Dayton Terrence Slaybaugh also told WHIO:

Obviously this is a tragedy for what is a very small community. Right now there is no conclusive answer about why the accident happened.

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2. Wicker’s Was Engaged to One of Her “Team Members”

Jane Wicker plane crash Dayton Ohio Dayton airshow wingwalker.

Wicker told an interviewer on Friday that she intended to get married “on the wing of a plane.”

A passage on the couple’s wedding page reads:

Their story has just begun and a lifetime of adventure is in store for this couple. Being that Aurora and airshows are not only responsible for introducing the two but such an important part of their lives, they could think of no better way than to celebrate their union on the wing of this incredible plane at an airshow in 2014. Their story is unique, their life is incredible and the future looks loftier every day.

Jane Wicker plane crash Dayton Ohio Dayton airshow wingwalker.

Photo via Facebook

The above picture on Wicker’s Facebook page was accompanied by the following comments:

Nik Wallenda Niagra Falls Grand Canyon Tight Rope Skylive

Though it has since been confirmed that Skowbo was NOT the pilot during today’s tragedy.

Jane Wicker plane crash Dayton Ohio Dayton airshow wingwalker Rock Skowbo

Photo via Facebook. The newly engaged couple. — with Jane Law Wicker and Rock Skowbo.

3. Wicker Told an Interviewer on Friday That She Wingwalked “For Fun”

Jane Wicker plane crash Dayton Ohio Dayton airshow wingwalker.

She told WTDN on Friday:

I don’t do it for the money…I do it for the fun.

Later she said:

I’m never nervous or scared because I know if I do everything as I usually do, everything’s going to be just fine.

In addition, Wicker was on the front page of the Dayton City Paper this morning:

Jane Wicker plane crash Dayton Ohio Dayton airshow wingwalker.>

Jane Wicker plane crash Dayton Ohio Dayton airshow wingwalker.

Fox News reports:

Wicker's website says she responded to a classified ad from the Flying Circus Airshow in Bealeton, Va., in 1990, for a wing-walking position, thinking it would be fun. Her full-time job was as a budget analyst for the Federal Aviation Administration, according to her website.

On top of her daredevil antics, Wicker worked as a a budget analyst for the FAA, a freelance writer, and had just completed a degree studying in finance.

4. The Accident Was Described as a "Fireball"

The show MC was heard telling people to get as far away from the crash as possible.

Stan Thayer who witnessed the event told the Dayton Daily News:

All of a sudden I heard screaming and looked up and there was a fire ball.

Shawn Warwick who was also there, said:

I noticed it was upside down really close to the ground. She was sitting on the bottom of the plane, I saw it just go right into the ground and explode.

Vandalia City Councilman Dave Gerhard told WHIO:

It seemed like everything was just routine, It was flying upside down. I just nose-dived into the ground. Quick as you can blink your eye there was an explosion. It was a nose dive. Boom. Big Explosion.

Rest in Peace Jane

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5. The Dayton Air Show Will Continue Tomorrow

Wing Walker

The Dayton Air Show has been canceled for Saturday, the show will go ahead as planned tomorrow.

The Dayton show endured a similar-tragedy in 2007 when stunt pilot Jim LeRoy was killed.

The show is one of the country's oldest, with crowds usually reaching 70,000 as well as generating over $3 million dollars for the local economy. Like many other events, due to budget cuts, there are no military aircraft on display this year, organizers believe this will affect the attendance.

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