Christie Calls for Special Election for Lautenberg Replacement

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided for a special election on October 16th, 2013, to fill the empty Senate spot following Senator Frank Lautenberg’s passing recently.

The primary will be held on Tuesday, August 13th.

It’s an interesting development in New Jersey politics, considering Chris Christie is one of the frontrunners for the Republican nomination for the 2016 Presidential election. Christie did have the opportunity name an interm Senator to take the spot, and then have a special election in 2014. However, Christie says that the New Jersey people have the right to decide who should represent them, not just him.

Republicans probably won’t be happy about this development. Christie has been under fire from hardcare GOP members for rubbing elbows with Democrats — including President Obama. After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Republicans felt that, by embracing Obama’s help, Christie jeopardized Mitt Romney’s chances of winning the presidential election.

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Another reason might be that popular Newark Mayor Cory Booker is interested in a run in the Senate as well. A few months back, Booker announced he was forming an exploratory committee to see if he could replace Senator Lautenberg. Now, with Lautenberg’s passing, Booker is a clear favorite, but also knocks him out of the race for governor, where he would be facing Christie.

The Obama administration, through Press Secretary Jay Carney, says they don’t have any preference on who shall be the new Senator from New Jersey.

It’s interesting that the administration choose not to endorse Cory Booker, who’s close with the president.

Regardless of his decision, Christie — as seen in the press conference — was adamant that it shouldn’t be left up to one person, that the people of New Jersey have the right to pick their senator. Here’s what Christie tweeted after the conference:

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