Ciara Gets Sued For Bailing on ‘Big Gay Event’


(Getty images)

According to TMZ, bodacious singer Ciara is being sued for backing out of a performance at a gay bar during L.A. Pride week.

Reports claim she was scheduled to perform at The Factory nightclub, but changed her mind last minute due to what she claims are “restrictions” in a contract with the LA Pride event. The Factory, now left without a performer for its Friday night pre-parade party, claims that Ciara had signed a $10,000 deal to appear on June 7. TMZ also reports that Ciara cancelled on the Friday night performance on June 3, with no prior warning.

That seems like a bad move on Ciara’s part. However, something isn’t adding up. Ciara’s representative claims that all the talk of Ciara performing at The Factory is false information. Ciara considered performing at the nightclub, but any deal between Ciara and The Factory was never finalized so she had every right to back out. Instead, Ciara is scheduled to sing at the 2013 L.A. Pride Parade on Saturday, June 8. And that’s it…

As reported by TMZ, Ciara’s representative commented further on the confusion, saying:

The reason for the continued marketing/promotion is unclear, as it is not known why the Factory would intend to continue to mislead the public, to cause damage to the L.A. Gay Pride festival and to attempt to portray Ciara in a negative light.

It looks like someone needs to get their facts straightened out. This is no way to celebrate a parade!