Eunice Huthart: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Eunice Huthart, 46, is the first person in the U.S. to launch a lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation over alleged phone hacking.

The native of Liverpool, England, is a renowned stunt expert in Hollywood, most famous for having worked as Angelina Jolie’s stunt-double, reports The Independent.

Here’s what you need to know about Jolie’s double and her case against Murdoch…

1. This is the First U.S. Phone Hacking Lawsuit Brought Against News Corp.

Huthart has filed suit in California. In recent years, all of the phone-hacking lawsuits brought against Rupert Murdoch’s businesses as been in the U.K., and centered the newspaper side of his media empire. This is the first being brought against News Corp for phone hacking that is alleged to have taken place on US soil.

2. It’s Alleged That Huthart’s Phone Was Hacked in 2004 and 2005

In a document, first obtained by The Independent in London, Huthart claims her cell phone was hacked and her text messages intercepted while she lived and worked with Angelina Jolie in 2004 and 2005. She maintains that information taken from her devices was used in stories published in British tabloids. At that time Jolie had just become involved with Brad Pitt following his split from Jennifer Anniston.

3. Huthart Didn’t Learn About the Alleged Hacking Until She Returned to England

She was told about the hacking after returning to England this year, according to documents British police told her:

[Ms Huthart’s] cellular phone was also surreptitiously hacked… when she lived and worked in Los Angeles in 2004 and 2005, at which times she did not receive voicemail messages from, among others, her daughter, her husband and Ms Jolie. She was unaware of these illegal activities and had no reasonable opportunity to become aware of them.

4. Huthart and Angelina Jolie Have Been Friends for Years

Huthart has been a friend of Angelina Jolie’s for ten years. She first met her when she worked as Jolie’s stunt-double on the first Tomb Raider movie. Subsequently she worked on the Jolie vehicles, Mr & Mrs. Smith, Salt, and the yet-to-be-released, Maleficent, an adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty tale.

4. Huthart is an A-List Stunt Actress

Huthart is a highly respected stunt-actress in Hollywood, the director of Salt, spoke about her, he said:

Eunice has been Angelina’s stunt double for over a decade now. She’s a stunt double dhow doesn’t actually double. She does all the stunts in advance of Angelina and it’s marvellous to watch her as sometimes for days she practices on the harnesses that are going to support Angie in really tight and otherwise dangerous situations and she does everything and then Angelina comes to the set and she says, “Now, Angie, take four steps and then you’ve got to take a leap and, watch out, it’s slippery,” and she gives her precise instructions because she’s done everything.

Then Angie comes in and having usually watched Eunice do it a few times and seen that all the rigs and the cranes and the wires and everything work, she does it. So it’s Angelina’s stunt double who doesn’t double on camera but she doubles in the rehearsals and she checks everything.

5. Huthart’s Last Project Was Fast and Furious 6

Most recently, Huthart worked on Fast and Furious 6 in her native England. An experience she seemed to enjoy, according to the Liverpool Echo:

There’s nothing better than crashing fast cars, brushing myself off and waking up with bruises the next day and starting all over again.

The script is brilliant and Liverpool has some great streets which can easily double as European or American streets.

It’s great to be able to have some craic with the lads and relax.

6. You Don’t Wanna Mess With Huthart — She’s a Former Gladiator

Before breaking into movies, Huthart was a participant in the Reality TV series Gladiators. After the female champion of the show in 1994, she was invited to become a “Gladiator.” She adopted the pseudonym “Blaze.”

7. Murdoch Has Had Better Weeks

This lawsuit rounds off a bad week for Rupert Murdoch, who announced his divorce from wife of 14 years, Wendi Peng, last week. Legal fees for News Corp. in the UK phone hacking scandal ran up to $340 million.

8. It Looks Like News Corp. Might Escape An Unrelated Phone Hacking Fine From the DOJ

It was also reported this week that News Corp. may escape an $850 million fine from the US Department of Justice over bribery charges that relate to the original phone hacking scandal. The fine was relating to the allegation that News Corp. had violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

9. This Could Cause News Corp. More Disruption

This will be a further disruption to News Corp’s plans to divide the company, separating the struggling news print section, from the more successful entertainment side.

10. Her Legal Team Know All About Phone Hacking Lawsuits

Huthart and her lawyers, New York-based, Siegel Teitelbaum and Evans, are seeing punitive damages against not only the US-based News Corp. But also against Murdoch’s UK-based, News International. Previously her lawyers represented David Beckham and Jude Law in tabloid-hacking lawsuits.

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