How to Keep the Government/NSA From Spying on Your Internet

avoid internet spying NSA

Tech writer Ian Kar and I decided to try out Cryptocat, and encrypted instant message service.

The internet is abuzz with anger and fear in the wake of Edward Snowden’s leak that exposed the NSA’s PRISM program which tracks the internet use of Americans. The average person has become more anxious to crawl into the internet anonymity enjoyed by tech people and hacktivists. With this demand, comes supply.

The clever and pun-loving people over at the website have just posted a list of dozens of more secure, encrypted, and unlogged apps and services that a person could swap into their daily life in order to hide internet activity.

Are you weirded out by the prospect of the government seeing your Google Searches? Try DuckDuckGo for, “Anonymous, unlogged web searches.” Has Facebook made you uncomfortable since day one? Try Diaspora* a “Community-run, distributed social network.”

avoid NSA government internet spying

A few of us at Heavy downloaded an encrypted and secure instant messaging service called Cryptocat. Their website explains their mission:

Cryptocat is an open source experiment — the goal is to provide the easiest, most accessible way to chat while maintaining your privacy online, because we believe in Internet privacy.

You can see the complete list of apps here

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