SHOCKING VIDEO: ‘Racist’ Jasper Cops Drag Black Woman by Hair

Two Jasper, Texas, police officers have been fired for the May 5 beating and dragging of a woman who owed a $100 fine, according to Yahoo News.

As the woman, 25-year-old Keyarika Diggles, speaks to her mother on the phone to make an arrangement for payment, Officer Ricky Grissom cuts the line off. He then hands her something, and she snatches it off of the counter. He gets visibly angry and approaches her, screaming in her face drill sergeant style. Then another cop, Officer Ryan Cunningham, comes into the picture and tries to detain her. He wrestles her to the floor but not before slamming her face on the counter and pulling her hair — with such force that her scalp is visible — and handcuffing her.

And if you thought the attack was over, it wasn’t.

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Cunningham and Grissom

While she is on the floor, Officer Cunningham attempts to drag her by her foot, but he holds onto her shoe, which slips right off and sends him tumbling backward into a little hallway. But that does not stop him from dusting himself off and trying again, this time with a better grip. He drags her around the counter while Officer Grissom struggles to hold open the door to the holding cell. Just then another woman who works at the station comes from seemingly nowhere and holds the door open. However, you see in the second half of the video from the other angle that this woman stood there watching the entire attack take place.

Jasper Texas

The woman tried to file a written complaint, and when her protests were ignored, Jasper City Council Member Alton Scott handed the tape to a local news station. After both officers were terminated on Monday, the council requested both officers be investigated for possible criminal charges. She is being represented by Cade Bernsen, a top Jasper lawyer.

Cade Bernsen

In the attack, Diggles suffered her hair being pulled out, her braces coming loose and a broken tooth.

This attack comes on the heels of the 15-year anniversary of the famous Jasper racist attack on a man who was dragged behind a pickup truck and ultimately decapitated by a culvert.

The officers in the recent case initially had been placed on administrative leave with pay at the request of Mayor Mike Lout, according to The Grand Report, but now have been fired.

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