Justice Scalia Wins Sassiest Justice Award for DOMA Dissent

Justice scalia DOMA

Supreme Court Justices are not generally know for their sense of humor, but Justice Scalia’s dissenting opinion in today’s Defense of Marriage Act decision was a work of comedic art. Intolerant comedic art.

Here are some of the most sarcastic or ridiculous quotes from his decision:

Justice Scalia DOMA

Justice Scalia DOMA

What Will Your Friends Think?

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Justice Scalia Decisions

Justice Scalia Quotes

Justice Scalia Conservative

With the venom spewing back and forth between the majority and the dissenters, it seems perfectly plausible that the next big Supreme Court case will become a Battle Royal. Nine Justices enter, and the last one left standing gets to decide the case.

And this is where things turn from sarcastic to scary. The difference between offending people and offending constitutions Justice Alito? One is a human being and the other one is a piece of paper judges often walk all over.

Justice Scalia

Gay Marriage Justice Scalia

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He’s right and seems a decent man.
Nevertheless America is too far gone and will not turn back but demands she drown in her own filth

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