300-Person Brawl in Florida Mall: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

According to reports, a social media post snowballed an isolated fight at a park nearby the Lauderhill Mall in Florida, into a huge brawl which forced police and a heavily armed SWAT team to evacuate the premises. Reports indicate that a flashmob of amped-up teens showed up at the Florida mall where the fight broke out in the parking lot and later spilled into the building.

Here are the facts you need to know about the Lauderhill Mall brawl.

1. 200 to 300 Teenagers Where Involved in the Fight Two People Were Hospitalized

According to Lauderhill police, hundreds of people wound up in a fight which started in a nearby park, spread to the parking lot and eventually made its way into the mall. Many  reports are indicating that those involved in the brawl were teenagers.

According to NCB Miami, two people were transported to the hospital for minor injuries. One of them was a 16-year-old boy.

2. It Was a Flash Mob Driven By Social Media

Social Media
According to Police, a message was sent out over “social media about a fight at the mall.” It was not clear what form of social media was used or what the post said. “According to a witness interviewed by local news, “Everybody [was] letting you know [online], that whatever pressure you had against anybody, you had to come out today.” Hundreds of amped up teenagers then gathered in the parking lot where police tried to disperse them. The crowd then entered the mall where the fight broke out.


3. Two Girls Started the Brawl

The girls apparently began to fight at a park next to the mall. Their confrontation spurred a domino-effect which spread from the park to inside the mall. The reason behind the fight is unknown. According to a young man called “D” who was interviewed by local news, he heard it started with two girls figting and others showed up to settle a “beef” or argument with other kids.

4. The Mall Was Evacuated

Although police made no arrests, they didn’t take any chances of anyone sparking a new brawl. Two officers remained on scene to show a presence into the night.

5. SWAT Teams Arrived

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According to the Miami Herald, It took nearly 30 officers from different Broward agencies including Lauderhill, Plantation and the Broward Sheriff’s Office to disperse the crowd. SWAT teams had to be called in to help efforts.

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