‘We Beat Stupidity’ – Zimmerman Lawyer Exposed in Ice-Cream Instagram Scandal

Apparently Molly West has no idea that her father, Don West, George Zimmerman’s attorney, is among the people being closely scrutinized in the most high-profile racially charged trial since O.J. Simpson.

Molly West posted a photo on her Instagram after Rachel Jeantel’s testimony yesterday; it came with the caption “We beat stupidity celebration” and was hash-tagged “#dadkilledit.” They celebrated with ice cream cones and posted it on the social media site. As soon as the news came out that the photo had gone viral, Molly West left the courtroom. But that does not mean the Twittersphere did not retaliate, posting this side-by-side comparison of Rachel West next to a character from the movie White Chicks.

George Zimmerman Trial Don West Molly West Instagram Photo

The defense team had a successful day today as they grilled Officer Timothy Smith and he confirmed that the back of Zimmerman’s pants were wet, presumably because he was struggling with Trayvon Martin on wet grass. This, coming hot on the heels of planting some reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors yesterday by proving Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin’s friend who was on the phone with him the night he was killed, lied about being hospitalized the day of Martin’s funeral.

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Rachel Jeantel George Zimmerman Trial

With followers of the trial aware that West’s opening statement began with an ill-timed, poor joke, it would seem as if his daughter has the same, odd, sense of humor.

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A statement has been made by a spokesman for Don West:

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