You Can Buy Monica Lewinsky’s Affair Lingerie

monica lewinsky blue dress auction

The future of America may be slipping out of the average citizen’s grasp, but now the past is within arm’s reach. That’s right, you can now own a piece of American history and maybe, if you’re lucky, some presidential DNA. Items that once belonged to Monica Lewinsky during her scandalous affair with former president Bill Clinton have found their way to auction. Bid now!.

The items all belonged to a Lewinsky friend Mrs. Andy Bleiler, who received the items in the lot from Lewinsky during her time at the White House. They include:

monica lewinsky dress

A black negligee, many letters from Lewinsky to her friend chronicling White House events, very ’90s looking shirts, and pictures signed by both the president and the first lady.

monica lewinsky dress

Pool Together With Your Friends to Buy It!

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According to the lot description:

Lot also includes copies of newspaper articles about the Bleilers’ involvement with Lewinsky and their interviews with Kenneth Starr’s legal team, who examined each of the items in this lot as evidence in their impeachment case against Bill Clinton.

The key piece of evidence from Clinton’s impeachment trial, the famous blue dress owned by Lewinsky and stained by the President’s semen, is not in this lot. However, if you’re lucky enough, maybe you can find some suspicious stains on one of these articles of clothing. The current highest bid is $2,750.

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