Nelson Mandela Has Reportedly Been ‘Unresponsive for Days’

Nelson Mandela Hospital

Although previous reports have said that 94-year-old Nelson Mandela’s health has been improving since he entered the hospital two weeks ago, a new source says the legendary politician has been “unresponsive and has not opened his eyes for days,” reports the Daily Mail.

Mandela has been in the hospital in South Africa battling a recurring lung infection and the source says that his liver and kidney functions are down to 50 percent. He has also had two recent surgeries, one to take care of a bleeding ulcer and another to insert a tube into his body. Mandela’s situation may be a lot more serious than his family and South American media are letting on.

Just on Thursday, one of Mandela’s sons, Ndaba Mandela, told reporters that he hoped his father would be discharged from the hospital.

“Positively we can say that he has been getting better and better each day and hopefully he’ll be coming home soon,” Ndaba said.

However, the new source says Mandela’s family is discussing whether or not to withdraw treatment as a result of his deteriorating condition.

Mandela, who served as the first black president of South African from 1994 to 1999, was rushed to the hospital on June 8 to be treated for the lung infection. It is his fourth hospital visit since December. Many fear that they will soon have to say goodbye to the international figure.