#PaulasBestDishes Trends As Paula Deen Accused of Racism: Top Tweets

Paula racist tweets

Oh Paula Deen. Grease lover, celebrity chef, television personality and well…. mega racist. In case you weren’t aware, the butter-smearing chef has openly admitted to freely using the “N-word“, and telling racist jokes about — well — everyone including “Jewish people, rednecks, black folk.” In her defense, she doesn’t discriminate against any minority group when it comes to bigoted humor.  Lets not forget she wanted black people to play slaves at a wedding she was organizing….What? Because nothing says eternal love like reliving pre-Civil War human rights abuses. Now it looks like Paula’s 21st century racism cooked up a viral Twitter storm as hashtag #PaulasBestDishes pushed to a top trending topic. Check out the best Paula Deen-mocking, culinary inspired tweets below:



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