Rami Hamdallah, Palestinian PM, Resigns After 18 Days on the Job

Academic appointed as Palestinian PMeuronews.com/ A university academic has just become the new Palestinian prime minister. Rami Hamdallah is the head of al-Najah University in the West Bank city of Nablus as well as running the electoral commission. He replaces Salam Fayyad, who resigned in April but stayed on in a caretaker role until Sunday night. But it is…2013-06-03T06:28:07.000Z

After only 18 days of serving as prime minister of Palestine, Rami Hamdallah has reportedly turned in his resignation to President Mahmud Abbas, according to Al Arabiya.

Hamdallah was appointed to the position on June 2 of this year after his, predecessor Salam Fayyad, resigned citing an inability to work with President Mahmoud Abbas.

Hamdallah was an unusual choice to begin with. An British-trained academic and a professor of linguistics, he was not very involved in Palestinian politics until his term as prime minister began.

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