SUPERTREND: #RipVine and #RipLilSnupe Trend Together, Then Merge

lil snupe vine dead

What happens when two worldwide trends on Twitter co-exist, and then merge? A supertrend? A mega-hashtag? Well that’s what happened today when Twitter users merged the death of young rapper Lil Snupe with the impending doom of Vine, Twitter’s video media service.

Lil Snupe died this morning, and today Photo app Instagram launches their video feature that will supposedly negate and eliminate Vine. After the news of both broke, Twitter users went to their keypads and began to merge the two. Some even tried to bring in other trends adding an RIP James Gandolfini, the Sopranos actor that died last night, or RIP Miami Heat who face a finals game this evening.

I think some people even thought that Vine and Lil Snupe got shot in the same incident!

Are Amalgamation tweets the wave of the future? Will Twitter users get to a point where all of the days news stories will be merged into a single hashtag? You know those science fiction movies where people eat three course meals in a single pill? Is that what is happening? Only time well tell what this new hellish dystopia will look like.

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This person tried to bring James Gandolfini into it:

Also the Miami Heat:

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