Rep. Rush Holt To Run For Sen. Lautenberg’s Senate Seat

rush holt
Rep. Rush Holt announced today that he would be running for the New Jersey Senate seat, now empty after the passing of longtime Senator Frank Lautenberg.

Holt’s been in Congress since 1999, and is also a physicist. He’s one of the more liberal members of Congress and is the only Quaker in Congress as well. His hard-left policies will be a hit with voters who supported Sen. Lautenberg.

Here’s what Holt said in the email he said to supporters and members of the press (from the Star-Ledger):

Holt (D-12th Dist.)…said that with the death of Lautenberg on Monday, New Jersey lost “a public servant of the highest caliber – someone whose advocacy touched, improved, and saved countless lives.”

“On Tuesday, Governor Christie announced a special election to fill the vacancy in the U.S. Senate ,” he continued. “Today, I ask for your support as I seek to serve as your Senator in that seat. The reason is simple: I believe I am the best candidate to continue the passionate advocacy for progressive values that Sen. Lautenberg exemplified.”

Holt won’t be the only Democrat from New Jersey that’ll be running. It’s almost a certainty that Newark Mayor Cory Booker will run as well — he’s apparently trying to acquire the right amount of signatures to run. Booker may be considered the heavyweight in the race, even with Holt confirmed, but he’s never been involved in national politics. In addition, Rep. Frank Pallone from New Jersey is thinking about running too.

The primaries for the New Jersey Senate race will be held in August. The election will be in October.

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