DJs Fired for Joking Paralyzed NFL Player Should Be Put Out of Misery

Steve Gleason Radio DJs fired

This week, three hosts of a sports radio show were fired because they made unforgivable jokes at the expense of Steve Gleason, a former NFL star who is now paralyzed due to ALS. The DJs, Nick Cellini and Steak Shapiro, as well as Chris Dimino, were hosting the sports program “Mayhem in the AM” on Atlanta’s AM 790 The Zone, when they began to make fun of Gleason for his disabilities.

Nick Cellini, Steak Shapiro, Chris Dimino, Steve Gleason

From left, Nick Cellini, Steak Shapiro, Chris Dimino.

The hosts had a fake Steve Gleason, who cannot speak due to his illness, call into the show where the hosts conversed with a robotic voice about how it could no longer play football. According to USA Today, one of the jokes told by the robotic voice was, “‘Knock, knock’ … ‘Who’s there?’ … ‘Smother’ … ‘Smother who?’ … ‘Smother me, do me a favor?'”


The three people involved in the show were promptly fired and the station issued this statement:

atlanta am 790

The DJs also apologized over twitter:

Nick Cellini

From the Twitter of Nick Cellini.

From Steak Shapiro's Twitter.

From Steak Shapiro’s Twitter.

I wonder if this is what 790 The Zone means when they call themselves “Unfiltered Sports Talk Radio.”