Syrian Rebels Execute Other Syrian Rebels [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

syrian civil war

Although all of Syria’s multiple rebel groups share a common enemy, the umbrella opposition to Assad’s regime is severely fragmented. In the two-year long bloody conflict between government forces and rebel fighters, ethnic undertones, fragmentation and division have been an overwhelming motifs. In a leaked video published on LiveLeak, two rebel fighters are executed by another group of rebel fighters. At the beginning of the video, we see two blindfolded men kneeling while a group of masked men read off their offenses. According to the person who uploaded the video on Liveleak, although charges against the men include “looting medicine” and “stealing cars,” they are being executed because it’s deemed illegal to “kill a Jihadist.” After which the two men are shot in the head and left on the ground.

This video below is a glimpse not only into the damaging fragmentation within the opposition as well as the lack of power structures in Syria — but it also shows the brutality Syrians deal with every day. Videos of massacred men, women and children as well as images of executions continue to surge out of the war-torn country. Meanwhile, there is no imminent hope for a diplomatic resolution to the humanitarian crisis.

Please be warned the video below is extremely graphic.