Woman Gets Stuck in a Donation Box

Woman Gets Stuck in Donation Box

A generous gesture turned into a scary and embarrassing situation for an Oklahoma City woman Sunday morning.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was stuck in a hot metal donation box for two hours before she called authorities for help. She said she hoisted herself into the box using a table to find a tennis bracelet that she said she thought she dropped in there by mistake when making a donation Saturday evening. Once inside the box she began cramping up because she has multiple sclerosis, which made it hard for her to get herself out, according News Channel 4.

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Woman Gets Stuck in Donation Box

She finally decided to call the fire department to be rescued — but only after she requested help from another woman making a donation, who was so scared by the voice in the box that she sped off.

Woman Gets Stuck in Donation Box

The fire department says this was the first rescue of the kind and warns against climbing into these bins. Chief Brian Stanaland, who helped rescue the woman, says they know about people going into the bins to steal or seek shelter, but never has there been need for a rescue. Chief Stanaland says that if you drop something in these boxes you don’t mean to, you should call the donation company to help you retrieve the item.

Don’t climb in.

Woman Gets Stuck in Donation Box

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