WATCH: Yankees and Red Sox Players Hilariously Cower at Sound of Thunder

You would think a bunch of tough baseball players could handle a bit of loud thunder, but you would think wrong. A dugout camera caught the hilarious moment a loud clap of thunder boomed during a thunderstorm at a Yankees vs. Redsox game on Sunday night, prompting the players to nearly jump out of their skins with terror.

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Brett Gardner of the Yankees is getting especially made fun of whose reaction was especially jumpy. Boston catcher Jared Saltalamacchia was so shaken up that ran out of the dugout.

“That was the loudest thing I’ve ever seen; the brightest thing,” Yankees catcher Austin Romine said. “It was daytime for a second. It kind of scared us all. I think Gardner jumped in my lap. We took off and we were out of there.”

The storm got pretty intense before the game was called during the sixth inning. Boston walked away with a 3-0 win.

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