Murder Victim Had Keys in Pocket to Aaron Hernandez’s Rental Car


Aaron Hernandez’s alleged murder victim, Odin Lloyd, was found with keys to Hernandez’s rental car in his pockets, according to court documents released today.

The 104 pages of newly unsealed police reports also included photos from Hernandez’s security system, allegedly showing him holding a gun soon after the time of Lloyd’s death.

After a motion from local media, Judge Daniel O’Shea unsealed search warrant documents from Attleboro District Court in Massachusetts describing the murder investigation against accused murderer and ex-New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

Much of the information released today duplicated information unsealed earlier this month, but some key pieces were revealed today, as reported by WCVB, one of the media outlets that won the motion for the documents’ release.

Here are the highlights:

1. Keys To Hernandez’s Rental Car Were Found On Lloyd’s Body

Odin Lloyd

Odin Lloyd

The documents outline details about the investigator’s findings on and around Lloyd’s body at the murder scene. First and foremost, keys to Aaron Hernandez’s rental car were found in Lloyd’s pockets. There was also $64.75 in cash. Authorities have determined that nothing had been taking from the pockets.

2. There Are Photos of Hernandez Allegedly Holding Gun

aaron hernandez, gun, photo, security, camera, footage,

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The court documents included stills taken from security camera footage in Hernandez’s home, showing Hernandez returning at approximately 3:30 a.m., after the time of the murder.

3. Police Found an Unlicensed Rifle i Hernandez’s Home With His Palmprint on It

aaron hernandez, patriots

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According to the unsealed documents, investigators found a FEG Hungarian rifle in Hernandez’s home gym, which he did not have a license for. Additionally, Hernandez’s palm print was found on the rifle. Unfortunately, significant sections of the search warrant regarding the rifle have been redacted.

4. A Witness Places Hernandez at the Murder Scene

aaron hernandez, court, appearance, july 24, 2013

Aaron Hernandez appearing in court July 24, 2013.

An unidentified witness has provided police with multiple key pieces of information. Firstly, the individual, only known to police, were at the murder scene the night of Lloyd’s murder. The witness also indicated that the suspects, Ernest Wallace, Aaron Hernandez, along with Lloyd, were outside the rental car when the victim was killed. More importantly, the individual stated that he was told by Wallace to take possession of the firearm that was inside of Hernandez’s rental car shortly after the murder.

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