State Police Searched For Cocaine in Aaron Hernandez Apartment

Aaron Hernandez Apartment Search, Ammunition and Sweater Found

The apartment complex at Ledgewood Way, Frankling, Massachusetts. Photo via

After a search of an apartment that was rented Aaron Henandez, Massachusetts State Police have found boxes of ammunition and a white hooded sweater, reports

Deadspin reports that an affidavit to justify the search cited the sale of cocaine as the reason for searching the apartment. No drugs were recovered from the search.

The search took place on June 27, and went on for two days, the details of the search were included in court documents that were filed at Wrentham District Court today. The investigating officers believe that the hooded white sweater which was found may have been worn by Hernandez on the night he’s alleged of orchestrating and carrying out the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd. Amongst the ammunition found were .45 bullets, the same caliber of weapon that was used to kill Lloyd. Ammo was also found for a rifle as well as a .22

State police wrote in the documents:

This sweatshirt is consistent in color and type with the sweatshirt that Hernandez is observed to be wearing on surveillance cameras the night of the homicide.