Aaron Hernandez Search Warrants: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

The murder case involving former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez continues to rage on as the courts in North Attleboro unsealed 156 pages of search warrant documents into the public domain. There are currently no electronic copies of the documents, but they are being transcribed by various sources.

Aaron Hernandez is currently being held, without bail, for the first degree murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd on June 17.

Here are the most sensational revelations of the search warrants so far…

1. Hernandez’s Girlfriend Told Police That Odin Lloyd Was a Drug Dealer

Shayanna Jenkins, Hernandez’s girlfriend, was co-operating with police until she received a call from Hernandez telling her to stop.

2. When Told by Police it Was a Death Investigation, Hernandez Never Asked ‘Who Died?’

The documents state that when police spoke to Hernandez initially at his front door, they told him the nature of their visit, Hernandez slammed and locked his front door. It’s noted in the warrants that Hernandez didn’t ask them who they were investigating.

3. Hernandez Said He Rented a Car For Lloyd

Police found a set of car keys on Odin Lloyd’s body, which were quickly linked to a discarded, rented SUV. The car was rented by Hernandez, who, when asked about it by police, said that he rented it for “O” [Odin Lloyd].

4. Lloyd’s Girlfriend Said Hernandez Was the Only Reason Lloyd Would be in North Attleboro

Shaneah Jenkins, the sister of Hernandez’ girlfriend, told police that the only person that Lloyd knew in North Attleboro was Hernandez.

5. Police Took Multiple Items From Hernandez’s Home

Among the items seized from Hernandez’s home were a DVR (from his home surveillance system), three iPads and an iPhone.

6. Hernandez Cleaned Out His Locker at the Gillette Stadium

According to the documents, while the eyes of the media were on Hernandez, the former NFL star went to the Foxboro stadium. His reasons for going were mysterious as the Patriots later confirmed that none of their staff were in the building. The warrants say that he cleaned out his locker and put the items in a locked container.

7. Hernandez May Had a Gun On Him On the Friday Before Lloyd’s Murder

A witness told police that they saw Hernandez and Odin Lloyd at Rumor night club in Boston on Friday 15 June. The witness said Hernandez had “What appeared to be a gun” in his possession.

8. CCTV Footage Shows Hernandez With a Gun Early on Monday, June 18

Although much of Hernandez’s home security surveillance system was mysteriously destroyed, video salvaged from it shows Hernandez holding a gun. In the video he can be seen moving the gun between his hands.

The company who installed the security system said that they had shown Hernandez how do disable it.

9. Hernandez Had Been Texting Ernest Wallace on the Night Odin Lloyd Was Murdered

The documents are reported to state that Hernandez texted Ernest Wallace, telling him to “Hurry your ass up.” Later, Wallace replies, “On way…God Bless.”

On July 8, Ernest Wallace was arraigned in North Attleboro District Court, charged with being an accessory after the fact to the murder of Odin Lloyd.

10. Carlos Ortiz is Not Mentioned in the Documents

The third man being held in connection the murder of Lloyd, Carlos Ortiz, is not mentioned in the warrants. Even though Ortiz was arrested before Ernest Wallace. Hernandez and Wallace’s movements on the night of Odin Lloyd’s dead are mentioned in detail and they are accompanied by someone who is only referred to as a “third man.”