The Bodies of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots Arrive at Coroner’s Office [Photos]

Bodies of Arizona Firemen prescott granite mountain hotshots

Image from the live coverage of the Prescott Fire Department transporting the bodies of the fallen Firefighters.

The bodies of the 19 members of the elite firefighting team the Granite Mountain Hotshots who died fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire have just arrived at the corners office. The bodies were carried in white vans from the fire line near Yarnell, Arizona back through the center of Prescott. On their way through the town the vans passed under a makeshift arch made out of fully-extended firetruck ladders that flew large American flags and drove passed an honor guard as they drove into the parking garage.

The names of the men are expected to be released in a press briefing later today.

You can see the photos of the progression bellow:

Prescott Firemen hotshots bodies memorial

Via ABC15 Arizona/Facebook

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arlzona firemen dead died

Granite Mountain Hotshots firemen

yarnell hill fire arizona firefighters dead

Bodies Arizona firefighters granite mountain hotshots

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