Booz Allen, Snowden’s Former-Employer, is Giving a Cybersecurity Class

booz allen snowden

The company that is now infamous for getting secrets stolen is now trying to teach people how to keep their secrets safe. In a statement released today by Booz Allen Hamilton, an intelligence contractor and former employer of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, will now be offering a “Webinar” on “Communicating Cyber Risks to Business Leaders.”

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The seminar will apparently teach CEOs about how the, “threat landscape is evolving – from theft to disruption to destruction – the byproduct of this evolution is the material impact to the business.”

Hopefully the course will include a section called, “How to Tell if One of Your Employees with a Dubious Career History Only Took the Job in Order to Reveal Massive Intelligence Gathering Operations to the Public at Large.” Then maybe the people who sit on the board at Booz Allen will spend some of their defense contract money to build a time machine and force their former selves to take that class.