Canada Day ‘Terror’ Plot: ‘Al-Qaeda Inspired’ Duo Planned Pressure Cooker Bombing

John Stewart Nuttall Amanda Marie Korody British Columbia Vancouver Terrorism Pressure Cooker Bombs

Two people, John Stewart Nuttall, born in 1974, and Amanda Marie Korody, born in 1983, have been charged with terrorism offenses, including possessing an explosive device and conspiracy to commit an indictable offense, by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, reports The Calgary Herald.

A press conference held in British Columbia by BC Premier Christy Clark this afternoon revealed that the pair had an “Al-Qaeda Ideology,” and that the pair planned to bomb Canada Day celebrations in a manner similar to the Boston Marathon Bombings, according to CBC.

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Both are Canadian citizens who authorities believe became radicalized. They are not believed to have any links to groups in the Middle-East.

Assistant Commissioner James Malizia, responsible for Federal Policing Operations, said:

I want to reassure our citizens that at all times during the investigation, our primary focus was the safety and protection of the public. While the RCMP believes this threat was real, at no time was the security of the public at risk.

These arrests are another example of the effectiveness of our Integrated National Security Enforcement Team who worked tenaciously to prevent this plan from being carried out.