Darren Daulton Has Brain Cancer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Darren Daulton Cancer Brain Tumor Phillies Player Right On Fight On

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Darren Daulton, 51, the Phillies Hall of Famer has been tragically diagnosed with brain cancer, reports NBC10.

Daulton, nicknamed “Dutch,” is originally from Arkansas City, Kansas, made his debut for the Phillies in September 1983, he made his final appearance for the team in 1997. He was traded to the Florida Marlins that same year and finally won the World Series, after just one season in Miami, he retired from the game.

Darren Daulton Phillies Player Catcher Diagnosed Brain Cancer

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Here’s what you need to know…

1. Doulton Had Two Tumors Removed

Darren Daulton Phillies Player Brain Cancer Tumor

Doulton underwent surgery last week to have two tumors removed from his brain. According to the operating surgeon, Daulton’s operation “went well,” reported MyFoxPhilly.com.

2. The Announcement of his Cancer Diagnosis Came Today

News of Daulton’s diagnosis came today via Tony Perri, the president of the Darren Daulton foundation. He said that Daulton will go to Florida to begin treatment.

3. Daulton is Said to Have “Glioblastoma”

Daulton has been diagnosed with the disease Glioblastoma, which according to the Harvard Cancer Center is:

…an aggressive brain tumor that is resistant to chemotherapy and radiation.

4. Daulton Has Been Drawing on His Knowledge of Sports to Get Him Through

Daulton is reported by NBC10 have been losing his communication skills. During his initial surgery, where Daulton was conscious and engaged, nurses asked him sports trivia questions.

5. Daulton Has Devoted His Time to the Community Since Retiring

Since retiring from professional baseball, Daulton has worked with the Darren Daulton Foundation, which helps the development of youth sports in Philadelphia, in addition to working with homeless charities.