Cop Divers Search Pond for Aaron Hernandez ‘Murder’ Gun

aaron hernandez pond gun divers








State police have spent the last two days diving to the bottom of a muddy Connecticut pond to look for the gun used to kill Odin Lloyd.

The Hartford Courant reports that investigators looking into the murder of the semi-professional football player got a tip that the pond in Pine Lake Park in Bristol, Connecticut, is where alleged killer Aaron Hernandez stashed the Glock .45 used in the slaying. A Glock pistol would match the bullet wounds found in Lloyd as well as the images of a gun held by Hernandez in recently released surveillance camera footage.

After seven hours Monday, and another full day on Tuesday, police have yet to find the weapon. No word has been released on whether the search will continue.

Hernandez is being held without bail for the accused murder of Odin Lloyd, the man who was dating his future sister in law. Hernandez, Lloyd and two other friends, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, were out partying the night Lloyd was murdered. His body was found the next day with bullet wounds suggesting an execution-style shooting.