Houston Rockets’ Star Arrested For Stomping on a Homeless Man’s Leg

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Houston Rockets’ player Terrence Jones may well be the recipient of this year’s dumbass arrest of the year. The former Kentucky player was picked up in his hometown of Portland, Oregon for allegedly stomping on a sleeping homeless man’s leg, reports KATU.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. It’s Reported Jones Emerged From a Bar and Told the Man to ‘Wake Up’

Terrence Jones Arrested Houston Rockets Portland Arrest Homeless Man

Jones’ was arrested as an officer watched him and a group of friends, who had just left a bar, accost two sleeping men in a doorway close to the bar. Jones’ yelled at one of the men, 46-year-old Daniel John Kellerher, to “wake up” and then stomped on his leg. He was arrested shortly afterward.

2. The Man Was Lucky to Walkaway With No Injuries

The man was not seriously injured and did not receive medical attention. The 21-year-old Jones is 6 foot 9 and weighs over 250 pounds. According to KGW, the incident occurred in the Old Portland section of the city.

3. Jones Will Be in Court Today

Jones is due in court, not on court as he used to, today at 2:00 p.m. local time charged with harassment. He was released after being booked on a class-B misdemeanor in the early hours of Wednesday morning, reports The Houston Chronicle.

4. Jones Was a College Star in Kentucky

Terrence Jones Arrested Houston Rockets Portland Arrest Homeless Man

In 2010, Jones announced publicly his attention to play ball at the University of Washington but without signing a letter of intent. Three weeks later he flip-flopped and signed for Kentucky. He entered the NBA draft in 2012 and was taken as an 18th pick by the Houston Rockets.

University of Kentucky coach John Callpari said after Jones’ left to enter the NBA draft:

Terrence set a goal to be a top-10 draft pick and he’s put in the work this offseason to get there. Physically, he looks like a different person, but what I like most about Terrence this offseason is that he’s embraced a leadership role and has a great mentality for what he’s doing. The additions of Anthony Davis and Kyle Wiltjer should free up Terrence a little more in the open space.

According to KGW:

Jones won three straight 5A titles with Jefferson and was a two-time player of the year. He was on the 2012 NCAA champion Kentucky Wildcats team where he played for two years.

5. He Completed His First NBA Season in 2013

Terrence Jones Arrested Houston Rockets Portland Arrest Homeless Man

Jones hit a total of 104 points in 19 games in his first season with the Rockets after being recalled to the team in February 2013 having spent time at the Rio Grande Valley Vipers in the NBA D-League.

Terrence Jones Arrested Houston Rockets Portland Arrest Homeless Man

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