Was One of JFK’s Secret Service Agents the Real Second Shooter?

jfk assasination

A new documentary airing on the Reelz Channel could rock American history and vindicate conspiracy theorists. The movie, JFK: The Smoking Gun, is a docudrama that taps into never-before-used evidence to argue that a secret service agent named George Hickey was unqualified with his weapon and hungover the morning of the assassination.

When the first shots rang out from Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle, the theory claims that Hickey instinctively grabbed his weapon and accidentally fired it in the direction of the president. This means that the second shooter long searched for my so many conspiracy theorists, could actually be a secret service agent.

The film’s synopsis on IMDB claims that:

Seventy-five percent of the American people still refuse to believe the official story of President John F. Kennedy’s death. They do not think he was killed by a lone gunman but by a mysterious cabal that somehow conspired to have him killed. How can this be? How can a crime this famous, witnessed and investigated by so many, remain a mystery?

The film premiers November 2013.

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