John Nuttall, Canada Day ‘Bomber’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Amanda Marie Korody John Nuttall Canada Day Terror Bomb Plot

Photo via Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This pressure cooker was filled with rusty nails.

A man and woman from Surrey, British Columbia are charged with trying to blow up the state legislature on Canada Day as part of a terror plot reminiscent of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

John Nuttall, 38, and Amanda Marie Korody, 30, both Canadian citizens, have been arrested for building pressure cooker bombs and planning to carry out a bomb attack, reports the Vancouver Sun.

Here’s what you should know about Nuttal:

1. He’s a Career Criminal

It’s reported that Nuttall was charged in March 2003 with a bizarre mugging when he hit a man with a rock and stole his briefcase. After police noticed the altercation, Nuttall was chased back to his apartment where he was eventually apprehended, reports the Times Colonist.

His lawyer, Tom Morino, said at the time that Nuttall was under the influence of cocaine at the time of the mugging but had cleaned up by the time the case reached court. He added that Nuttall’s reasoning for the attack was his paranoia that made him think someone was out to harm his girlfriend. Nuttall was sentenced to 18 months in prison as a result of the mugging.

Back in 1996 Nuttall was also sentenced to 18 months after he beat up a man, Timothy Welsh, so badly that Welsh had to have a kidney removed. He was also found guilty of using Welsh’s girlfriend as “collateral.”

The Times-Colonist wrote in 1996 that Nuttall beat up Welsh under-the-influence of another man, Eugene Falle. Kim Westad, who reported on the beating, wrote:

Falle took the bigger and significantly less-intelligent man along as an enforcer when he collected debts.

The Vancouver Sun also reports that in 2010, Nuttall was convicted of possessing a weapon for a “dangerous purpose.”

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2. He Converted to Islam

It’s unknown when, but at some point over the last ten years Nuttall became a Muslim. This is according to Tom Morino, the lawyer who represented Nuttall in 2003, Morino that this event is unrelated to any mosque or Muslim group that Nuttall may be a member of, Morino also said, “I am not aware of any mosque with which he is affiliated.”

3. He Was Known Around the Victoria Music Scene

Amanda Marie Korody John Nuttall Canada Day Terror Bomb Plot

Nuttall was in a metal band with a song titled “The End of the World.” He was known to some from his busking on the street in Victoria, British Colombia and at one time played in a band called Rat Salad.

Victoria-based artist, Jesse Ladret, knew Nuttall, he told the Times-Colonist:

The last time I saw him, he was at the hospital. I was there because my daughter was being born — and he was in a wheelchair. He told me he had a blood infection from heroin.

One Victoria-based band, The Lust Boys, were keen to distance themselves from Nuttall on their Facebook page:

Amanda Marie Korody John Nuttall Canada Day Terror Bomb Plot

At one time Nuttall lived at this residence, upstairs from Ladret at 1176 Yates Street in Victoria, British Colombia:

4. Nuttall and Korody Were Married

Amanda Marie Korody John Nuttall Canada Day Terror Bomb Plot

Nuttall’s lawyer told the Times-Courant that he wasn’t sure if the pair were married, it was confirmed to The Star by Korody’s cousin, Josh, that Amanda-Marie:

…had married this guy Johnny, and I don’t know if she actually told her parents about that or not.

Josh Korody added:

We used to be really close growing up, then she just kind of like moved out, moved across the country…I’ve only gotten a couple of emails from her in the past while. The last time that I talked to her, she kind of asked me for money, which really bummed me out. So I haven’t really talked to her since.

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5. The Pair Allegedly Targeted an Event Which Was Attended by 40,000 People

Amanda Marie Korody John Nuttall Canada Day Terror Bomb Plot

Nuttall and Korody had allegedly planned to place the IEDs at Victoria’s Inner Harbour on Canada Day, close to the Victoria Legislature. Some 40,000 people usually attend events there on Canada Day. According to RCMP Assistant Commissioner Wayne Rideout:

The goal was to create maximum impact and harm to Canadian citizens at the B.C. legislature on a national holiday,

They took steps to educate themselves and produced explosive devices designed to cause injury and death, the suspects were committed to acts of violence and discussed a wide variety of targets and techniques.

Nuttall and Korody were both arrested at around 2:00 p.m. on July 1, close to Victoria in Abbotsford. Rideout was keen to stress that there was never any real threat to the public as the couple’s actions had been tracked for months by law-enforcement. Security officials had sabotaged the pressure-cooker bombs , that were filled with rusty nails, washers, nuts and bolts, before they were placed by Nuttall and Korody near the Canada Day celebrations. Nuttall’s and Korody’s charges carry live imprisonment.

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