Lebanese Man Has his Penis Severed by Wife’s Relatives After Secretly Eloping with Her

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LBCI, Lebanon’s premier news source, is reporting that Rabih A., 39, who hails from the Akkar district of northern Lebanon, got his penis cut off by his bride’s family for secretly eloping with her.

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Naharnet, a Lebanese news site, elaborates:

The agency said the incident happened after Rabih eloped with a woman identified as Rudeina M., who hails from the town of Baisour [Lebanon].

“When the relatives of the girl learned of the issue, they investigated the circumstances and found out that Rabih and Rudeina were at a chalet in Tabarja, so they went there and brought them to Baisour, where they severed the man’s penis and left him at the town’s square,” NNA [state-run National News Agency] said.

Looks like they do annulments a little differently in Lebanon.

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