Miss Westchester Sues NYPD for $210 Million: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kristy Abreu, NYPD, suing

Kristy Abreu was wrongfully arrested on May 5 and is now suing the NYPD for $210 million. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Kristy Abreu, the 2013 Miss Westchester beauty queen, is suing the NYPD for $210 million after a wrongful arrest and humiliation during holding.

Here are five facts you need to know about the incident.

1. Abreu Was Asked, ‘Where’s the Party At?’ by NYPD

Kristy Abreu, facebook, NYPD, arrested

Kristy Abreu and her mother were pulled over for a minor traffic offence when a “computer malfunction” resulted in their arrest. (Facebook)

Kristy Abreu was driving to a fashion show with her mother, Kendy Paredes, 38. The two women were pulled over for an unnamed minor traffic violation by a NYPD police officer at about 9 p.m. near the Harlem intersection of West 145th Street and Eighth Avenue on May 5. The women claim they presented valid insurance and registration papers for their 2006 Honda Civic.

The arresting officer is alleged to have rudely asked, “Where’s the party at?” to the women during the traffic stop.

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2. The Women Were Arrested After A Computer Glitch

Kristy Abreu, arrested, NYPD, lawsuit, suing

Kristy Abreu and her mother have claimed that during their time in police custody, they were mistreated and unnecessarily abused by other inmates and officers alike. (Facebook)

A mysterious computer glitch wrongly alerted the officer that the car the women were driving was stolen. Abreu and Paredes were promptly arrested and brought to the NYPD’s 32nd Precinct, where they were held for hours.

3. Abreu Is Suing for Her Mistreatment By The NYPD

Kristy Abreu, miss westchester, beauty queen, arrest, suing, lawsuit

Kristy Abreu is the current Miss Westchester USA beauty queen. (Photo courtesy of Facebook).

The 19-year-old recent college graduate has filed the suit with her mother, claiming the officers conducted invasive frisking techniques (stop and frisk) and for taking their possessions, including her sash and crown.

The lawsuit also alleges that the women were not read their Miranda rights, and were denied access to food, water, bathroom or telephone. The women also claim that the officers at the precinct allowed another female prisoner to verbally harass and spit on Abreu repeatedly, which made them “cry uncontrollably,” they say.

“When we got to the precinct, they just started laughing at us,” Abreu said.

The officer finally released Abreu after a couple hours to allow her to find and return with her vehicle’s title documents. When she finally returned around 5am with her father and paperwork in hand, she and Paredes were allowed to go.

4. NYPD Precinct #32 Has the Most Complaints in Manhattan

precinct 32, NYPD

Abreu and Paredes were held in the NYPD Precinct #32, as seen above.
(Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

According to the NY Daily News, the NYPD Precinct #32 had the most complaints against its offers compared with all other Manhattan precincts in 2012. This supports the account of the Abreu and her mother.

5. The One Female Officer Present Helped Abreu

According to Abreu, of the 15-20 officers at the precinct, there was only one female officer. The unnamed officer actually helped Abreu clean up after becoming upset due to the ordeal.

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