OJ Simpson Paroled! (But Not Let Out of Jail)

oj simpson parole

OJ Simpson, the armed robber, accused and acquitted murderer, former NFL player and actor, has been granted parole.

Not so fast, that does not mean he is getting out of prison. For good behavior inside the joint as well as active participation in institutional programs, the Juice was granted parole for only some of the charges levied against him for his 2008 armed robbery conviction.

His sentences are to be carried out in succession, so, according to HLN, that still makes one 12-month-minimum sentence followed by two sentences of 18 months minimum. That means if Simpson maintains his good behavior, he could be out in the world in as little as four years.

OJ Simpson Robbery (Audio)OJ Simpson Robbery Audio video2007-09-17T15:51:49.000Z

Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison after being convicted of robbing a sports memorabilia at gunpoint from the dealer’s hotel room. You can hear the actual audio from the robbery above.

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