Hialeah Shooter Pedro Alberto Vargas: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Pedro Alberto Vargas, 42, has been named as the man behind the horrific shooting incident in Hialeah, Florida on July 26 that killed six people at an apartment complex, reports NBC Miami.

Vargas was killed after an eight-hour standoff with police.

Here’s what you need to know about the crazed gunman…

1. Vargas Was Well Armed

He was armed with a 9mm pistol, it’s disputed how man shots he fired with the gun, with reports varying between 10 and 20. Vargas still had ammunition on him when his body was recovered.

2. He’s Never Been in Trouble With the Law Before

It’s believed Vargas has no criminal record. Police have no motive for what provoked the shooting.

3. Vargas Lured His First Victims to His Apartment

Vargas began the massacre by setting fire to his own apartment, when the building’s two managers went to investigate the smoke, the rampage began as Vargas killed both.

4. So Began a Terrifying Shooting and Standoff Scene

After Vargas then shot randomly out on the street and killed four more people. He then retreated to another apartment, taking two hostages, when police arrived on the scene. Negotiations went on for eight hours before the SWAT team decided to storm the apartment. Vargas was killed and both hostages were saved.

5. It’s Reported Vargas Lived With His Mother

According to CBS Miami, Vargas lived at the apartment complex with his mother. During the standoff, Vargas asked for both his girlfriend and mother but otherwise was unresponsive.

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