Wrestling Legend Ric Flair’s Arrest Ordered by Judge: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ric Flair Arrest wife spousal support nature boy.

Legendary professional wrestler, Ric Flair, 64, whose real name is Richard Fleir, is wanted in Mecklenburg, North Carolina, accused of not paying spousal support, reports The Charlotte Observer.

1. Flair Had Been Ordered to Pay His Wife $4000 a Month

Ric Flair Arrest wife spousal support nature boy.

Back in July 2012, Flair became estranged from his wife, Jacqueline Beems. After she filed for separation, a judge ordered Flair to pay Beems $4000 a month. The money was seen as maintenance for housing, car, and healthcare.

TMZ reported at the time that Beems accused Flair of committing several acts of adultery over the course of their marriage. The pair tied the knot in 2009, during which time Beems was adamant she was faithful to the wrestler nicknamed “the dirties player in the game.”

2. Flair Won’t See the Inside of a Cell, As Long As He Can Pay Up

Ric Flair Arrest wife spousal support nature boy.

The bench warrant for Flair’s arrest has been on file since July 3. The legendary wrestler will avoid jail time if he pays the $32,000 he owes Beems.

3. Flair’s Whereabouts Are Currently Unknown

Ric Flair Arrest wife spousal support nature boy.

Brad Smith, Jacqueline Beems’ attorney, says that his client hasn’t seen Flair for some time.

4. Beems Has Been in Trouble With the Law As Well

Flair has accused his former wife of making threatening phone calls to his current girlfriend, Wendy Barlow Kidder. On July 16, Beems turned herself in to police, and paid a $500 bond to be released. Beems had been wanted by the Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office.

5. This All Comes Just Four Months After the Death of Flair’s Son

Reid Flair

This has been a traumatic few months for Flair, in March, his son Reid died of a drug overdose. Reid was the son of Ric and Beth Flair. The Charlotte Observer reported on Reid’s passing, saying:

Reid’s mother, Beth Fliehr, said she’d suspected a drug overdose killed her son and that the autopsy report didn’t surprise her. She said she was contacted by a medical examiner with the report Friday morning and spent the afternoon sobbing as she reminisced about her son. “It (the report) makes it harder,” she said. “I knew his fears and I knew how to help him. All he wanted to do was stay busy, train and keep his mind off the old triggers, then go back to Japan. He was doing really well there.” Ric Flair said he was grieving for his son. “I loved him,” Flair said. “He should have been on top of the world, but he was fighting a battle he couldn’t win. I hope people remember his laugh, his spirit, and his love of life.

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