15-Year-Old Girl Killed by Shark in Reunion Island: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A 15-year-old girl has been killed by a shark off the the French-owned Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, reports the BBC.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. She Was Swimming in a Forbidden Area

The girl was snorkeling off the beach, just a few feet from the shoreline. The body of water where she was killed is unsupervised by life guards as swimming is banned there due to a high level of shark sightings, reports Reuters.

2. Reunion Has Been a Shark Attack Hotspot

It’s the second fatal shark attack in Reunion this year. Since 2011, a total of five people have been killed by sharks around the island. This attack is unique as all of the others who have been killed were surfers.

3. The Girl Was Swimming With a Friend

The girl was swimming with another friend with the attack occurred, the other girl is believed to be okay. Public Safety Director for the island Gina Hoarau, called the attack and its circumstances “surprising.”

4. An Investigation is Underway

A massive search is underway for the girl’s bodyparts as investigators try to understand more about the attack, including the species of shark that perpetrated the attack.

5. The Public Have Been Warned About Shark Attacks

Local media, such as the island’s most popular newspaper Le Journal de l’Ile de la Reunion, had published government warnings this week about sharks in the water after an increase in sightings.

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