Snowden Wrote Thank You Letter to Ecuador

UPDATE 2: Here’s Snowden’s statement, via Wikileaks:

edward snowden wikileaks statement

UPDATE: Here are some quotes of Snowden’s letter to President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, courtesy of Reuters:

“I remain free and able to publish information that serves the public interest,” Snowden said in an undated Spanish-language letter sent to President Rafael Correa of Ecuador, seen by Reuters.

“No matter how many more days my life contains, I remain dedicated to the fight for justice in this unequal world. If any of those days ahead realize a contribution to the common good, the world will have the principles of Ecuador to thank,” part of the text read, according to a translation.

“While the public has cried out support of my shining a light on this secret system of injustice, the Government of the United States of America responded with an extrajudicial man-hunt costing me my family, my freedom to travel, and my right to live peacefully without fear of illegal aggression,” he wrote.

According to Reuters, Snowden penned a letter to Ecuador, thanking them for considering his request for political asylum.

Text of the letter hasn’t come out yet, but Reuters has managed to get their hands on the letter. According to Sky News, Snowden said in the letter he remains free to “publish information.”

Reuters also writes that Snowden thanked Ecuador for helping him reach Russia from Hong Kong.

According to WikiLeak’s Twitter account, Snowden will be releasing a statment “soon.” We’ve been waiting on the statement, but it still hasn’t come yet. We’ll update this post if and when anything is released.