‘Stowaway’ Found Dead in Landing Gear of British Airways Plane

Turkish man stowaway London Heathrow Dead Landing Gear Istanbul British Airways

Image via Getty.

A Turkish man has been found dead inside in the landing gear of a British Airways Airbus A320 that landed at London’s Heathrow Airport, reports Sky News.

British Airways reps say they are “liaising” with various law enforcement officials in Turkey and England to investigate how the man’s body ended up there. A spokesperson said:

We are liaising with the Metropolitan Police after a body was found in the landing gear bay of one of our aircraft at Heathrow.

They are investigating how this incident took place. It involved an Airbus A320 that arrived into Terminal 5 from Istanbul just before 11am on Thursday July 18.

Our security measures with regard to unauthorised access to aircraft are focused on prevention and we review every airport we fly to on a regular basis.

We will be liaising with the Istanbul authorities as they investigate how this incident took place.

A London Police spokesperson told The Independent:

Police were called by Heathrow Airport staff at 11.10am on July 18 and informed of a possible body found in the undercarriage of a flight that had arrived shortly beforehand at Terminal 5.

Officers and London Ambulance Service attended and located the body of a male who was pronounced dead at the scene.

At this stage, officers believe the deceased is a Turkish national aged in his 30s. Attempts are now being made to confirm his identity and inform next of kin.

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