Sydney Leathers: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Sydney Leather Anthony Weiner Carlos Danger Sexting Scandal

Sydney Elaine Leathers, 23, is reported to be the sexting partner of disgraced former Congressman and current New York City Mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner, reports Buzzfeed.

On July 23, gossip website published images and testimony from a woman claiming to have been sexting Anthony Weiner. These claims were later confirmed to be true by Weiner.

Here’s what you need to know about the woman at the eye of the storm…

1. She Campaigned for Obama

Sydney Leather Anthony Weiner Carlos Danger Sexting Scandal

Leathers is from Illnois and has been described as a “liberal activist,” who campaigned for President Barack Obama. She is reported to be the woman who engaged in sexting with Anthony Weiner.

2. Leathers’ Began Her Alleged Relationship With Weiner in July 2012

She says the relationship lasted from the July 2012 till November of that year. That makes it nearly exactly one year after Weiner resigned his seat in congress in disgrace after the original “dick pics” scandal.

3. She Previously Listed Weiner as a Political Hero

Leathers had been an active blogger for Indiana Progressive Liberals and had listed Weiner amongst her political heroes.

4. Weiner Will Stay in the Mayoral Race

Weiner admitted to the texts and phone sex in a press conference in Manhattan on July 23, his wife, Huma Abedin, has vowed to stand beside him, again. His rival candidates have said Weiner should drop out of the mayoral race based on this latest scandal.

5. Leathers Admiration For Weiner Was Unaffected During his 2011 Scandal

In 2011, Leathers commented online about Weiner’s original scandal, she wrote on her now-deleted Facebook:

Anthony Weiner can continue sending dick pics every single day for the rest of his life as long as he continues to legislate the way he does. I decided that.

In addition to her deleted Facebook, The Daily Mail reports that her phone has also been disconnected.

6. She Was an Opinionated ‘Political News Junkie’

She regularly posted bashing comments on conservative politicians and pundits, she wrote of Ann Coulter:

Listening to Ann Coulter try to disprove evolution is like listening to a stripper prove she had a loving relationship with her father.

7. Weiner Played Happy Families While he Was Allegedly Sexting Leathers

Leathers’ and Weiner’s alleged affair began just weeks before the disgrace candidate posed with his family in a People Magazine spread where he said:

I’m very happy in my present life.

8. Weiner is Reported to Have Promised Leathers a Job and a Condo

In August 2012 it’s reported that Weiner planned to buy a condo in Chicago’s trendy South Loop neighborhood for them to rendez-vous at. It’s also reported that Weiner promised Leathers a job at political blogging powerhouse Politico.

9. Leathers Has ‘Lawyered Up’

Sydney Leather Anthony Weiner Carlos Danger Sexting Scandal

An Image From Leathers’ Twitpic Page

Sydney Leather Anthony Weiner Carlos Danger Sexting Scandal

She had reportedly hired a lawyer for fear of legal action being taken by Weiner.

10. Leathers and Weiner are Alleged to Have Spoken as Recently as April 2013

Leathers and Weiner’s affair is reported to have lasted between July 2012 and November 2012 when it apparently petered out. They spoke once in December according to reports. Leathers was contacted again by Weiner in April 2013 via Facebook when he asked her what she thought of a lengthy New York Times article on Weiner and his family.

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