Tragic Wedding Party Boat Crash: Bride and Best Man Killed

Boat crash victims (Facebook- Lindsey Stewart)

Boat crash victims (Facebook- Lindsey Stewart)

Lindsey Stewart and Brian Bond’s wedding celebration took an unexpected tragic turn.

A speedboat carrying members of Stewart and Bond’s wedding party collided into a construction barge; killing Mark Lennon, the best man, and the bride-to-be. The other passengers are injured. Search parties flooded the Hudson river as authorities searched for the missing bodies.

Speedboat involved in the accident

Speedboat involved in the accident

Lennon and Stewart were thrown into the river as four other friends, including Stewart’s fiance, Brian Bond, were injured and remain hospitalized. The impact of the crash was so great that it apparently threw the man and woman out of the boat, police said. Despite suffering serious head injuries, the groom-to-be, called 911 from the boat at 10:41 p.m., reporting that it had struck an object south of the bridge. The body of a woman matching Stewart’s description was found in the water Saturday. Authorities have yet to release a positive identification. The Stewart’s fiance was also injured and is recovering in the hospital.

Boat operator Jojo John has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and three counts of vehicular assault while he remains in the hospital in critical condition. According to Reuters there were signs of intoxication.

The six passengers had eaten at a restaurant, then boarded the boat to sail from the village of Piermont in Rockland County toward Tarrytown. No details of the circumstances of the crash were released by authorities. Fire officials said the barge that the boat crashed into was illuminated by an anchor light but would have been difficult to see in the darkness.

Stewart’s stepfather, Walter Kosik, said the family was notified about the accident early Saturday. “That’s a nightmare I don’t wish on any parent — police coming over to your house waking you up out of your sleep to tell you an accident has occurred,” Kosik told CNN.

“She’s supposed to be married two weeks from today,” said the bride’s mom Carol Stewart. “It just can’t end like this.”

The couple had been friends since they were kids living in the suburbs north of New York City and attended the same church. Over than three years ago, the relationship turned romantic.

The young couple was set to get married August 10.

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