Virginia Attorney General Fights to BAN Oral and Anal Sex

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Republican Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli holds up a broom. (Getty)

Virginia’s Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, is looking to ruin oral and anal sex for everyone.

Claiming that his interest is in protecting children, Cuccinelli is looking to ban the sex acts to curb child molestation in the state. Regardless of the fact that rape, child molestation and statutory rape are all already illegal, the Republican candidate is even trying to ban the activities of oral and anal sex for consenting adults, citing his belief that “homosexual acts are wrong.”

Cuccinelli is currently running for governor of Virginia, with this being the key focus of his campaign. The proposed legislation was originally shot down in 2004. The Supreme Court ruled that this type of ban (arresting a couple having consensual sex in private) is unconstitutional.

Well, Cuccinelli has brought it back and wants to make illegal acts that are practice by 81.7 percent of males and 80.4 percent of females between the ages of 15 and 44.