WATCH: Inmate Makes Insane Escape Caught on Video

Derrick Estell, a 33-year-old inmate of Garland County Detention Center in Arkansas, is still on the run after an elaborate and daring escape that was caught on film.

In the escape, which occurred Sunday afternoon, an accomplice distracted the guards while Estell jumped through a small window and sprinted out through the parking lot where a car was waiting for him. One guard, who also dove through the small window in hot pursuit, chased in vain after the jailbird as he was whisked away by an unknown female driver.

You can watch the video of his escape above, which borders on slapstick.

But try not to laugh. This is serious. Two days later, Estell is still on the lamb and considered “armed and dangerous” by the Garland County Sheriff’s Department.

Help catch this guy!

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Estell was arrested in March 2013 after a prolonged manhunt. According to local news station THV 11, he was accused of stealing a car and wrecking it in the middle of an intersection. Estell was then pursued by police to an apartment he had broken into for refuge. It took a substantial amount of tear gas being released in the apartment before Estell was willing to come out.

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