Westboro Baptist Church Tweets About Quebec Train Tragedy: ‘Crispy Quebec Canada’

Here they go once again….

The hate-spewing, picketing extremists of the Westboro Baptist Church (AKA “the most hated family in America“) have sent out a hateful tweet about the tragic Canadian train explosion which set ablaze the picturesque town of Lac-Megantic. While most of the world sent out messages of condolences for the 5 dead and thousands displaced from the fire, the WBC did what they usually do: say it was gods wrath against the gays. When ABC correspondent Gio Benitez tweeted his report on the freight train tragedy, the WBC responded with the insensitive (to say the least) tweet: GodSmack: Crispy Quebec Canada!

The church has been involved in actions against gay people since at least 1991, and has gained infamy conducting anti-gay protests at military funerals. The organization pickets other celebrity funerals and public events that are likely to get it media attention. Protests have also been held against Jews.

The crazies members of the extremist cult church sent out a similarly distasteful tweet following the sudden and unheralded Asiana Airlines crash.

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